2012 Demo

by Iron Cages



Please use the following link to download the demo. Still free or a donation of your choice. New version mastered by Brad from From Ashes Rise.

contact: ironcages@gmail.com


released December 26, 2011

Nick Gauthier
Marcus Boldt
Chris Mills
Dustin Ciborosky

Recorded by Shane Hochstetler, Winter 2011.



all rights reserved


Iron Cages Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: No End
No end, no silence, no carefree release. The feeling leaves the flesh, nothing left in me. Distaste for compassion tormenting me. Dissolute, disinterest, character disease. No end, no silence, no carefree release. The feeling leaves the flesh, nothing left in me. Nothing but defeat.
Track Name: Wolves
Useless volition, epidemic flawed free will. Dazed and deadened, trapped in our own minds, apathy is a silent killer. Years since we’ve moved, faces like wolves, waiting for mornings of marrow and sinew. Goddamned since dawning. Lose hope in dreaming. Regret waking up. Plague with a pulse, forced to live to see it all die off.
Track Name: Desolation
I stopped feeling sunlight on the backs of my arms, started thinking too much about dying under the same Midwest stars. I don’t feel anything in the dead cold of the night. I’d give anything to stay sleep until the end of time. There’s no such thing as a victory. It’s out of the question, cure worse than the disease. Despicable reality. Colorless, nondescript days on repeat. Second rate viability. The weight of desolation. No good fortune, only defeat. End of all things hangs over me. The weight of desolation.
Track Name: Desperation
Reinvent myself. See if I survive. It’s been longer than a lifetime I’ve spent under the knife. I prayed for the same sad fate: quick birth, easy life, the same damned place to die. A saccharin, bittersweet oblivion to dissolve me from the inside. Every memory replaced. Every memory forgotten. Desperation. Every memory replaced with the bitter taste of reality. Trapped in the falling dream.
Track Name: Euthanasia
Pull myself out of the void every time I wake up. I lose myself every day. Sleep my mind away. Somewhere I’ve forgotten how to mean the things I say. I’d tear my own tongue out and never speak again just to feel anything. If I believed in rapture, my life ascending, I’d live in fear that my consciousness was neverending. Spoiled. Meaningless life after death. Breathe, draw in death with every breath. Euthanasia.